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Our Terms of Service:

Find below our Terms of Service which apply to all our customers. Terms which apply to specific groups of customers are in their own sections. The titles, are for convenience and do not hold any enforceable provision.

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1. General Provisions
1.1 Electronic Communications Disclosure
1.2 Security & Privacy
1.3 Accounts
1.4 Email Policy
1.5 Website Content Policy
2. FREE Hosting Terms
3. PRO Hosting & BYO Terms
3.1 Billing & Payment
3.2 Discounts
3.3 Account Suspension & Termination
3.4 Refunds & Disputes
5. Reseller Terms
6. Miscellaneous Terms
7. Enclosures

1. General Provisions:

SiriHosting is hosted by an upstream hosting provider, HostMySite (herein after "HMS") and is bound by their terms (herein after "HMS Terms"). In addition to our terms in this document, you will be expected to be in conformance with HMS Terms which are incorporated herein by reference. By creating a hosting account with us, you represent that you are at least 18 years old or have obtained permission from your parent or legal guardian, at which point the minimum age is 13. You further agree that all information provided to us at time of registration is true and accurate and to update such information as it changes.

1.1 Electronic Communications Disclosure:

By creating a hosting account with us you agree to the electronic delivery of all communications related to your account. Due to the electronic communication which you are agreeing to, you further agree to keep up to date your contact email address. We highly advise that you have at least one email address listed with us which is not hosted on any domain which you intend to host with us.

1.2 Security and Privacy:

You agree to our data use and cookie use policies which are described in our privacy policy which is incorporated herein by reference. Should you elect to participate in our online support forums, you also agree to our Forum Terms of Service which is also incorporated herein by reference. You agree to keep confidential your assigned cPanel and/or WHM access URL(s) and passwords. Should you elect to open a FREE Account, PRO Account, or BYO Account, you agree that you will only use such account for your own site(s) and not to allow others access to host their own content under your account. The exception to this is webmail. Should you so desire to host multiple independent sites under your account, our Reseller programs might be a better fit.

1.3 Accounts:

You are permitted a maximum of one (1) FREE Hosting Account for your personal and exclusive use. You may elect to upgrade to a higher FREE Account, a PRO Account, a Reseller Account, or a BYO account. You may upgrade or downgrade between these account levels at any time. Should you elect to downgrade to a FREE Account from a PRO, Reseller, or BYO account; a refund will not be issued for unused time on the old account and such downgrade requests are performed on an as-is and as-available basis. We aim to process upgrade/downgrade requests within 24-48 hours or faster, but cannot guarantee these timeframes.You may have a maximum of one (1) PRO Account at any service level. A Reseller Account can be obtained either as a stand-alone account or as a separate account to a PRO or BYO account.

1.4 Email policy:

you may not use your hosting account to send any unsolicited bulk mail (SPAM), chain letters, threats, or other material which may be considered harassing or unacceptable, should we receive a report of your account being used for such purposes, we will at our sole determination suspend or terminate your account. FREE Accounts are prohibited from using their accounts strictly for the purposes of hosting email. You are responsible for any clean up fees we incur as a result of our IP addresses or hostnames getting placed on any spam or blacklist.

1.5 Website Content Policy:

Your website must be in alignment with these terms regardless of which plan type you are on:

A) your website must not promote illegal activities
B) your site must not promote or glorify such things as suicide, eating disorders, self-injury, sexual assault or rape, child abuse, or other content which is generally considered offensive (sites which are attempting to bring awareness or support to victims of such conditions are exempt from this rule)
C) Your site must not sell or market controlled items (such as firearms or pharmaceutical drugs)
D) Your website must not promote, provide information on, or directions which enable the distribution or acquisition of child pornography or other material which exploits children.
E) Your website must not host, or give information about obtaining pirated music, videos, movies, software, etc. You may link to torrents of content which can be lawfully distributed. You may not operate a torrent tracker of any kind
F) You may not host any form of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) directly on your site (third-party hosted services are acceptable)
G) You may not host any live streaming content or excessive pre-recorded streaming content on your site as this is what site such as YouTube are for. Links to such sites are acceptable
H) You may not use your site as simply a "File Dump" (e.g. DropBox, Mega, Mediafire) or off-site backup of your local computer for important documents.
I) Your website MUST contain a privacy policy (Generate a Free Privacy Policy)
J) You, and not us are responsible for complying with all applicable state, federal, and local laws.
K) You are responsible for complying with the Childrens' Online Privacy Protection Act or any other similar legislation.
L) You are responsible for complying with DMCA takedown notices, if you don't deal with them, we will (usually by suspending or termiating accounts who do not comply or are unreachable).
M) You are responsible for the content of your website and its visitors.

2. FREE Hosting Terms:

Your FREE Hosting account is covered by all the terms of section 1 (above) and the following terms specific to FREE Accounts:


  1. You are permitted to access support in our Forum, Ticket, or LiveChat only
  2. You agree that all content such as scripts and images is lawfully licensed and obtained (scripts such as vBulletin and Invision Power Board are not FREE licenses will be checked with the appropriate vendor of any paid scripts found on free accounts)
  3. FREE Accounts are provided on an as-is and as-available basis and are manually created and information is manually generated to customers as soon as reasonably possible
  4. you agree not to host any system which is "mission critical" on a free account (example a system such as a CRM or portal for your job or class)
  5. You agree to provide your own domain for your account. If you do not have a domain, you can obtain a FREE .tk, .cf, .ml, or .gq domain at Freenom
  6. You are responsible for the security of your website and it's content. Should your website become inaccessible due to a security breach of any kind, you are responsible for restoring the appropriate files and remedying any problems which led to the breach. Your cPanel includes a "Full Backup" function which allows you to take a copy of your files, email accounts, settings, databases and anything associated with your account. Should you need us to restore a full backup which you created BEFORE your site was compromised, please email our support team for instructions on getting that file to us for restoration.
  7. You can reset your cPanel password using the "Reset Password" link on the cPanel login screen, however, should you need to you can check out our LiveChat for password help.
  8. using abusive language toward our technicians in LiveChat will result in your access to LiveChat being terminated and only being able to submit tickets, or use the forum.

3. PRO Hosting & Build Your Own (BYO) Terms:

Your PRO Hosting or BYO plan is covered by the terms in section 1 (above) and the terms in each of the following sections

3.1 Billing & Payments:

Your account is a pre-paid account, meaning that you are responsible for paying the bill for the month ahead. All payments are due by the first day of the month. You have until the third day of each month to ensure that your bill is paid in full without incurring a late fee not to exceed $30. Payment arrangements can be setup to allow for your bill to be split across multiple payments. To request a payment arrangement, email our billing team AS SOON AS YOU ARE AWARE you will be needing one. Last minute payment arrangements will not be granted under any circumstances. Should your account go unpaid past the third day of the month, it will enter a "graced" state in which you will have until the fourteenth day of the month to pay the bill in full. Beyond the fourteenth day, your account will enter a suspended state in which all access to your site(s) content, email, and files will be temporarily blocked. The Suspension period is not to exceed thirty days. If during the suspension period you contact us to restore services, you will be expected to pay the current month's bill plus a service restoration fee not to exceed $40 PLUS the next mont's charges ahead. After the 30-day suspension period if no attempt to contact us and pay the past-due amount your account and its files will be deleted. Accounts which are habitually late or suspended for nonpayment may at our option be terminated or denied payment arrangements.

All payments are to be made in USD and through PayPal, You will be given access to the Client Area which has the email address for sending payments to via PayPal. The Client Area is Password-Protected to login, use your Member Number as your user name and your Member PIN as the password. These values uniquely identify you and were assigned to you at the creation of your hosting account. You may contact billing to have your Member PIN updated.

3.2 Discounts

We offer at this time 3 discount programs which you may qualify for. Please check out our Discounts Page for more information. We reserve the right to alter or discontinue the discount program(s) at anytime for any reason with no prior notice to you. Some discount programs may require a minimum term to qualify for, should you have questions about this, please email billing or chat with a billing representative. We reserve the right to check site(s) to ensure that they are indeed being used for the purpose for which they were granted the discount (example if a student discount is issued for a school club, the content of said site should match this) without notice to you to prevent discount fraud. Sites which are in our judgment operating for commercial gain are not eligible for any discount program at this time. Should your site be determined to be operating for commercial gain, you will be sent a warning communication and given 14 days to correct the issue or have your discounted rates revoked.

3.3 Account Suspension & Termination:

We work hard to not suspend or terminate accounts, however certain circumstances arise which warrant such actions. Since all PRO plans are prepaid, no refund will be given for any unused time remaining on a suspended or terminated account. Accounts are commonly suspended or terminated for the following reasons:

Note that the above list is not exhaustive, nor is it complete but those are the most common reasons for an account suspension or termination

3.4 Refunds & Disputes:

Should you have a billing dispute, please take the following steps before you file a PayPal Dispute: search the KBase by going to ClientConnect and clicking on KBase. If there is not a KBase article addressing your specific question, please submit a billing ticket or give us a call (phone number can be obtained in ClientArea (Password-protected area of the website for paying customers only)) Members who file frivolous PayPal Disputes will be charged an investigation fee not to exceed $120 per dispute. We have a strictly held, no refunds policy as the FREE hosting plans are intended to give you a good feel for what our paid services can do and are essentially a free trial.

4. Reseller Terms:

Your Reseller account is covered by all the terms in section 3 (above) and section 1 (above), in addition to the following reseller specific terms.

  1. you are responsible for supporting your customers. We will not support resold customers
  2. you are responsible for making sure your customer sites are in conformance with these terms and the HMS terms.
  3. you are responsible for handling any DMCA copyright notices received in regards to your customers' sites
  4. you are responsible for handling any billing related disputes of customers, we will not intervene

6. Misc. Provisions:

These are miscellaneous provisions which are not covered in any other section.

  1. Should a conflict between our terms and HMS terms exist, the HMS control
  2. You are responsible for maintaining backups of your websites

7. Enclosures

The Following Documents are incorporated into these terms by reference:



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